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Company Strapline: A TransUnion company. Making the Internet a safer place for people to do business online..

Founded In: 2004
201-500 employees
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Fraud Protection, Fraud Prevention, Fraud Management, Fraud Mitigation, Device Identification, Mobile Fraud Protection, Device Fingerprinting, Client Device ID, Device Reputation, Authentication, Risk Management, Fraud Consortium, Cybercrime Prevention, Multi-factor authentication, Omnichannel authentication, Contextual Authentication, Machine Learning Fraud Prevention

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Iovation, a TransUnion company, offers a real-time service that exposes online fraudsters, as well as multifactor authentication services to detect fraud before it occurs. This Cybersecurity company’s SaaS solution exposes the reputation of devices (computer, tablet, or mobile phone) connecting to online businesses. This cybersecurity company manages the reputations of billions of devices that have touched their clients from all over the globe. And they assist clients understand how devices in their network and outside of their network are related. This tech company significantly cuts financial losses from fraud and abuse, while increasing operational efficiencies, and offers a shared platform that enables businesses to benefit from the collective experience of others. Every single day, Iovation screens 25 million transactions and stops 300,000 fraudulent and risky transactions within a variety of online industries including financial services, insurance, retail, travel, telecommunications, gaming, dating, and social networks. SOLUTIONS: FraudForce is a rules-based platform that leverages global device-based insight to stop fraud and abuse. SureScore is a Machine Learning solution that uses global device-based insight to score consumer interactions as risky or trustworthy. ClearKey is a transparent solution for risk-based consumer authentication. LaunchKey is a consumer-friendly, multifactor solution for contextual, omni-channel authentication.

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