IronNet Cybersecurity

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Company Strapline: The Mission Continues.

Founded In: 2014
201-500 employees
7900 Tysons Corner Center, McLean, Virginia 22102, US | 8135 Maple Lawn Blvd, Fulton, Maryland 20759, United States
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artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral analytics, network traffic Analysis, collective defense, enterprise, public, private threat sharing

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Founded in 2014, IronNet Cybersecurity is a global cybersecurity leader that is revolutionizing how enterprises, industries, and governments secure their networks. IronNet takes the skills of its top-notch cybersecurity operators with their real-world, public and private sector, offensive and defensive cyber experience, and integrates their deep tradecraft knowledge into its industry-leading products to solve the most challenging cyber problems facing the industry today. IronNet’s solutions leverage behavioral analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to assist public and private enterprises across critical infrastructure detect unknown threats. This Cybersecurity company’s ability to share the derived raw intelligence with peer enterprises in real-time and at machine speed uniquely enables industries and governments to collectively defend against the well-funded nation-state and cybercriminal threats.

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