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Company Strapline: CyberSecurity for IoT & Sensor Data Health- We are expanding our business globally, raising our A round and hiring now!.

Founded In: 2017
2-10 employees
Hashaaar Tower, 4 Ariel Sharon st. , BeAll, Givataaym, Israel IL

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IXDen’s IoT software solution is a patent-pending cybersecurity technology that protects businesses and organizations from IoT information tampering. IXDen goes beyond cybersecurity and protects the sensor data at its source, eliminating the data integrity issues. This solution presents operational technology (OT) the sensor data health status and enables prediction of potential misbehavior of the system. The solution allows companies to manage their assets remotely. IXDen’s pioneering technology assures the data is not manipulated at the sensor or field device source. IXDen protects Level 1 devices by sitting on the edge of Level 2 and accessing raw sensor data. “IXDen Grade” presents to operational (OT) teams the system health indicator, reflecting the healthiness of the data and the security level, enabling prediction of potential system misbehavior. IXDen creates a dynamic ‘biometric’ identity for any IoT device and performs a multi-factor authentication, driven by proprietary topological mathematical models, statistics, artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning. This cybersecurity company creates a unique, ‘Biometric’ identity for every device by collecting hundreds of fixed (device-level) and dynamic (sensor and network-level) parameters and performing multi-factor authentication for each IoT device while utilizing features inherent to the Device itself. IXDen was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with an extensive background in cybersecurity The company raised seed funding from Labs/02, OurCrowd, Reliance Industries, private investors, SixThirty Cyber VC, Mekorot, the Israeli national water company, and the Israeli Innovation Authority. IXDen is commercializing its product in the Water, Energy, Oil & Gas, HLS, and Smart Buildings with large multinational companies in them and EMEA.

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