Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Premium Tailor-Made IT, Human centric services..

Founded In: 2000
501-1,000 employees

Core Competencies

DevOps, Cloud, Managed services, IT Security, Governance, Consuting, IT Modernization, 24/7 Services, Software, Cloud Management Platform, Containers, ITIL, ISO 20001, SOC, Managed Cloud, Managed performance, Managed application, Managed Containers

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Company Description

They Are a true product of innovation. Created 20 years ago to meet the new demand for outsourcing and more recently cloud computing solutions, they have an optimistic and dynamic view of technology and its proven benefits for the way they work, collaborate, and live. In this ever-changing world, the strategic transformation of businesses cannot be achieved without the development, management, and security of a powerful and personalized digital infrastructure. While invisible to all, it is undeniable that an optimal digital infrastructure has become indispensable to the growth and survival of businesses and organizations.

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