Magal Security Systems

Company Overview

Magal Security Systems is a leading international provider of cyber and physical security, safety & site management solutions and products. Over the past 45 years, Magal Security Systems has delivered tailor-made solutions to hundreds of satisfied clients in over 80 countries. This cybersecurity company has developed a broad portfolio of innovative technologies, covering the following categories: Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), Video Solutions, Physical security solutions including PSIM*, cybersecurity solutions


Industry Classification: Cybersecurity & Investigations

Cybersecurity Specializations: Cybersecurity

Address/Location: 17 Altalef st, Yehud Imdustrial Zone, Yehud, 5621617, Israel
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2010 (estimate)

Main Website: Magal Security Systems

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