Malware Patrol

Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Since 2005, we've provided reliable and historically rich threat intel to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks..

Founded In: 2005
2-10 employees
Saint Petersburg, FL, United States

Core Competencies

Threat Data, Data Feeds, Block Lists, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, DDoS, Threat Intelligence, DGA, New Domains, C2s

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Company Description

Malware Patrol offers intelligent threat data on cyber attacks. This cybersecurity company has been gathering IOCs since 2005. Enterprises and members of their community use their historically rich data to safeguard networks, respond to incidents, threat research, and threat hunting in over 175 countries. This Cybersecurity company’s machine-readable feeds are available in predefined and customized formats, compatible with the most popular security systems, including Carbon Black, ClamAV, Cisco ASA FirePower, CSV, JSON, pfSense, Postfix MTA, Snort, SpamAssassin, Squid Web Proxy. Protect your company from unwanted cyber-attacks.

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