MAX-Security Solutions

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Company Strapline: It's A Tough World -- MAX Will Guide You Through It.

Founded In: 1996
201-500 employees

Core Competencies

Security Consulting, Contingency Planning, Proactive Intelligence Services, Investigations, Travel Security Solutions, Executive Protection, Risk Assessments, Tactical Training, executive seminars

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MAX Security Solutions brings a pioneering skill-set to protection, prevention, and risk management. This cybersecurity company doesn’t just react to crises. This tech company anticipated them. This tech company doesn’t just feed your intelligence. This tech company gives you what you need to act on it. Not in a cookie-cutter fashion, but through a flexible approach that constantly adapts to your changing needs. The MAX Advantage, You hire security teams to safeguard you in crises. That’s what they do. And most do it well. But what’s better, facing disaster or avoiding it altogether? Max Security Solutions gives you an intelligence umbrella. Insights with real-time information, tactical monitoring, and actionable recommendations fed directly to the field team protecting your interests. No competitor they know of offers you that kind of synergy. What it means for you is the added value of protection that keeps you out of harm’s way in the first place. And keeps your business up and running in even the most volatile environments.

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