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MistNet was started in 2016 with the simple mission of making the connected world a safer place. This cybersecurity company focuses its energies on securing large-scale complex enterprise environments. This tech company has assembled a high-caliber team with deep experience in diverse disciplines including cybersecurity, networking, data science and artificial intelligence, and distributed computing. They have developed disruptive technology using distributed AI and mist computing technologies dramatically improving threat detection at scale and significantly reducing false positives. This Cybersecurity company’s service is deployed in Fortune 1000 clients worldwide. They are backed by top-tier VCs and a leading networking and security company. This Cybersecurity company’s global headquarters are Mountain View, California with development operations in Chennai, India


Company Mission ("Tagline"): AI-driven threat detection and hunting software purpose-built to secure the modern enterprise.

Industry Classification: Computer, Cybersecurity & Network Security

Cybersecurity Specializations: artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, edge computing, and big data

Address/Location: 655 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2016

Main Website: MistNet

MistNet Employment Info: MistNet Careers

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