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NanoVMs is the only production ready, fully managed unikernel platform in the industry today. NanoVMs was the first company to produce a Go unikernel, a .Net unikernel, and the first company to offer a fully integrated unikernel platform. NanoVMS is the maintainer of the Nanos unikernel and the OPS unikernel orchestrator. Nanos can run any Linux binary as a unikernel. NanoVMs offers managed services for both public and private cloud environments including AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Vultr, and its platform targets KVM, Xen, bare metal, and ESX. In addition to the industry’s leading Unikernel Platform, NanoVMs offers training, service integration, custom development, and other unikernel services.


Company Mission ("Tagline"): AWS microVMs? It's pronounced NanoVMs.

Industry Classification: Cybersecurity Web Services

Cybersecurity Specializations: unikernels, unikernel platform, unikernel training, and unikernel private cloud

Address/Location: 148 Townsend St, San Francisco, California US, United States
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 2-10 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2015

Main Website: NanoVMs

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