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Company Strapline: FPGA Performance Technology.

Founded In: 2003
51-200 employees
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Core Competencies

Accelerators for network management, security applications, FPGA, Line Rate, Throughput, 40 Gbps, 10 Gbps, Packet Capture, In-line, Traffic Generation, Hardware Acceleration, Load balancing, Application off-load, 100G, Virtualization

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Napatech assists companies to reimagine their business, by bringing hyper-scale computing benefits to IT organizations of every size. This cybersecurity company enhances open and standard virtualized servers to boost innovation and release valuable computing resources that improve services and increase revenue. The Napatech Reconfigurable Computing Platform is based on a broad set of FPGA software for leading IT compute, network, and security applications that are supported on a wide array of FPGA hardware designs.

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