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Company Strapline: Know Your Users to resolve fraud. Gain more loyal customers, reject only fraudsters..

Founded In: 2016
51-200 employees
ulica Koszykowa 61, Warsaw, Mazowieckie 00-667, PL

Core Competencies

Fraud prevention, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, FinTech, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Fraud detection, Anti-fraud, Credit Scoring, Payment, Payment Fraud, ATO, Account Take-over, Risk Management, Know Your Users, eCommerce, Travel, Digital Goods, Services, Online Payments

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They are a collection of data scientists, developers, and security specialists. The people who work here study the instances of online fraud as well as the resources and communities used by fraudsters to plan future attacks. This cybersecurity company enjoys sharing what they’ve learned. And they build tools that codify what they’ve learned. The company was started in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, Nethone specializes in ML-driven business intelligence and fraud prevention, including protection against account takeover (ATO). This tech company enables online merchants to sell more, earn more, and maximize every dollar they invest in customer acquisition. Real clients and fraudsters both leave thousands of not-so-obvious clues of their behavior and intent. This company can thoroughly x-ray every single individual on their client’s website, discover links between thousands of apparently unrelated variables, and accurately predict actions their users will undertake. Calculating the likelihood of a chargeback or friendly fraud becomes possible after an instantaneous review of 5,000+ attributes, including behavioral biometrics and device fingerprinting. The result is a reduction in the frequency of false positives and manual reviews, which means happier, potentially returning customers. Every software enhancement, every tuned ML model comes from a desire not to just offer protection against fraud, but to prevent a re-enactment of the classic scene in which legitimate clients are turned away from a store because they don’t look the part of someone who is ready to buy. In the long run, “false positives” hurt businesses even more.NetGuardians is an award-winning Swiss Finsec company. Established in 2007, they assist over 50 Tier 1 to Tier 3 banks worldwide to fight financial crime. NetGuardians developed the first augmented intelligence solution made for banks to proactively prevent fraud. They claim to empower its clients by providing Machine Learning technology together with contextual information and an interesting user experience. Banks using NetGuardians’ solution achieved an 83% reduction in false positives, saved 93% of the time lost in fraud investigation, and prevented new fraud cases. This tech company was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2015 and Chartis RiskTech 100 Vendor in 2018. Secure networks start here. Netgate is focused on delivering secure high-performance network connectivity for everyone. Netgate believes in enhancing network connectivity that holds both security and privacy. This company also believes everyone should be able to afford it. Netgate directly supports and contributes to open source networking, secure IoT, and firewall initiatives while also developing new high throughput secure networking technologies for the cloud and the IDIoT (Inherently Dangerous Internet of Things). They develop solutions that leverage their decades of experience in networking, security, open-source, embedded, software, and hardware engineering. They are working hard to break down the cost barriers to bring connectivity with security and privacy to everyone. This Cybersecurity company’s security applications and solutions, such as open-source pfSense, microBMC, and Netgate systems provide real-world protection for networks of all sizes. They claim that their clients are able to be confident your networks are secure. Netgate is The host of the pfSense open source firewall project. Netgate contributes to leadership, engineering, test, and infrastructure assets to the project. pfSense has over 1 million active installs, supporting every size network from the home to small governments on all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica.) The developer of TNSR. Advanced open source-based Firewall, Router, and VPN platform with breakthrough enterprise-class performance, management, and service expansion flexibility. The source for deep domain expertise in Unix, networking, computer security, embedded software development, and system development. This Cybersecurity company’s “open source” roots reach back to the 1980s, and They are well known within the BSD networking and security communities. The developer of a popular family of low-power, high-throughput networking platforms from micro-sized form factor to small rack-mount systems.

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