Otto by Devcon

Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Runtime application security. The fastest way to identify, detect, and mitigate JavaScript vulnerabilities and exploits..

Founded In: 2017
2-10 employees
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Core Competencies

Third Party Javascript Management, Real-time Malvertising Blocking, Runtime Security, Application Security, Runtime Testing, Developer Tools, InfoSec Tools, DevSecOps, Automation, Security Automation, JavaScript Security, CSP Management, CSP Automation, Content Security Policy, Runtime Application Security

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Company Description

Otto by Devcon is making the internet safer and security easier through their next-generation runtime application security software. This cybersecurity company saves companies time and money while reducing risk and mitigating threats that can cost hundreds of millions in a data breach. otto = security in seconds. Integrations with some of the largest CDNs, Cloud marketplaces, and CMSs allow teams to start securing your company in seconds with a no-code and low-code setup. Protecting brand integrity starts with caring about your customers. Otto tools, monitoring, and protection give DevSecOps real-time, runtime intelligence about the ever-changing dynamic security and vulnerability of your site, and Third-party Scripts interacting with your company and customers. otto~mate your security with their otto~mated CSP designer, JavaScript vulnerability, and date libraries alerts. Turn on malware protection and advanced threat blocking to safeguard your company from client-side attacks, data-skimming, Magecart, ad threat, cart-jacking, and Third-Party JavaScript attacks. otto by DEVCON is committed to protecting consumers from cyber threats by democratizing cybersecurity (i.e. making it free for consumers). This Cybersecurity company’s chrome extension protects and alerts users of threats and vulnerabilities as they surf the web, while generating a network effect, a crowdsource of continuous threat intelligence. This network intelligence offers perpetual fuel for their threat intelligence engine and self-healing technology.

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