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Company Strapline: Identify and reduce your cyber exposure with continuous full stack cyber assessment.

Founded In: 2001
51-200 employees
Karlskrona, Sweden

Core Competencies

vulnerability management, vulnerability scanner, vulnerability assessment, security vulnerabilities, network vulnerabilities, pci compliance, pci scanner, pci scanning, automatic penetration test, Web application security, Cloud, container security, DevSecOps, Shift left security, penetration testing, Ethical hacking, AWS security, Docker security, Risk based security, Red teaming

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They don’t think it’s fair that businesses are targets of cybercriminals. As a leading cyber assessment company, They’re on a mission to assist their clients tighten their cyber exposure before their business can be disrupted. This Cybersecurity company’s ethical hackers and the tools they’ve created provide a complete view of your security posture with risk-based insights that prioritize and accelerate remediation efforts. Over 2,000 clients worldwide trust Outpost24 to inspect their devices, networks, Cloud infrastructure, web applications, and report compliance status.

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