Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Safer, Faster, and Easier Digital Payments.

Founded In: 2014
11-50 employees
David Ben Gurion Rd 10, Ramat Gan, Israel

Core Competencies

Mobile Wallet Fraud Prevention, Mobile Wallet Frictionless Payment, Fraud handling Operational Cost Reduction, Merchant Fraud Prevention, Mobile Payment Liability Shift

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Company Description

Paygilant is a revolutionary frictionless digital banking and payments anti-fraud company, designed for the new Fintech era. In this Hacker Hotshots, we learn about the Paygilent solution. Paygilant is an anti-fraud and frictionless authentication visionary in the digital payments space, that employs deep expertise, insight, and ingenuity to boost mobile & web payments apps’ revenue. Paygilant tackles fraud threats and seamlessly authenticates customers throughout the entire user-journey, making its solution 100% designed for digital channels. Frictionless Mobile Payment Fraud Prevention A mobile-based technology, Paygilant enables a frictionless mobile payment experience, whether executed by NFC, QR Code, or online. By triggering an immediate authentication only upon a suspicious fraudulent attempt, mobile payment providers benefit from an unparalleled fraud detection rate that also drastically saves in operational costs.

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