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Founded In: 2007
11-50 employees

Core Competencies

IoT Cybersecurity, IoT visibility, Protocol analyzers, IoT Penetration Testing, Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Energy

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Company Description

Perytons is a leading provider of Visibility, Cyber Security, Monitoring, and Analysis for the ‘edges’ of Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Perytons solutions comprise pre and post-deployment tools for IoT vendors, service providers, and operators, providing network edge visibility, detecting interoperability and maintenance problems, alerting unauthorized network penetration or malicious attacks at the edge networks, and identifying other irregularities that cannot be detected using traditional IP security solutions. Perytons support the leading IoT standards and protocols, including 802.15.4 ZigBee, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy), Thread, 6LoWPAN, RF4CE, PLC-PRIME, G3-PLC, and more, encompassing multiple wireless sensor networks and wire-line networks and applications, such as Home Automation/Smart Home, Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, Smart City, Wearable Computing, and more.

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