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Company Strapline: Work Assured..

Founded In: 2019
51-200 employees
Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

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Founded on a vision to improve the outdated approach to data security, Privafy assists mobile service providers, IoT manufacturers, and enterprises redefine the way they protect Data-in-Motion. Data-in-motion has rapidly become the most vulnerable part of every organization’s information and communication architecture. As organizations embrace the openness of the Internet and move data and applications to the cloud, traditional network security technologies and systems are no longer effective in protecting data as it moves between cloud workloads and applications. The Internet is now the new network – affording businesses and employees to easily connect with customers, partners, and each other from any location. But as data traverses between locations – it’s increasingly at risk from a multitude of vectors and threat actors. Privafy’s security-as-a-service application secures data wherever it travels. The company’s cloud-native technology integrates all the functionality of traditional point solutions, such as encryption, firewall, DDoS protection, IDS/IPS and DLP technology, to provide comprehensive data protection as it moves between locations, clouds, mobile devices, and IoT. Deployed in minutes, Privacy works seamlessly with existing infrastructure to safeguard organizations of all sizes against today’s most damaging data-centric attacks, all while disrupting the cost associated with complex, archaic network solutions.

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