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Company Strapline: Secure Customer Engagement.

Founded In: 2016
11-50 employees
1880 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

Core Competencies

Online service authentications, Multifactor authentication, Two factor authentication, authorization, payments, customer experience, authorization, payments

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Company Description

Privakey’s mission is to simplify how people confirm their identities, assert their intent, and respond to any challenge. They improve the customer experience and security of digital interactions by eliminating the reliance on passwords, “security” questions, and other forms of identity confirmation that introduce known security vulnerabilities and frustrate users. This Cybersecurity company’s embedded software solution transforms existing mobile apps into strong customer authorizers, streamlining many existing workflows. Services use Privakey to send users challenges—a new form of secure engagement within apps. Challenges include traditional identity assertions, confirmations of intent, and any type of message that may require a response. Challenges can be as simple as a Yes/No response from a user, to as rich as digitally approving actionable contract terms. Privakey works by turning users’ mobile phones into cryptographically-based, secure customer identifiers. Their clients using Privakey-enabled apps simply respond to challenges delivered to their phones with a message body that can contain any type of interactive digital content such as HTML, PDFs, and forms. Once the user has responded to a challenge, it is digitally signed and returned to the sender. To ensure a frictionless, but secure user experience, challenges can be configured to require a user to assert a biometric or PIN as a second factor of assurance. The team at Privakey has a long history of success in the identity and access management (IAM) market. With over 70 years of combined experience in digital identity solutions, they have been delivering state of the art software and security services to industry-leading companies since the turn of the century. This Cybersecurity company’s clients have included IBM, Verizon, General Dynamics, and many large federal agencies. This cybersecurity company has a strong intellectual property position, including patent protection.

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