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Company Strapline: Securing your world through quantum innovation.

Founded In: 2008
11-50 employees
Deakin, ACT

Core Competencies

Quantum Cybersecurity, Data security, High speed, true random number generation, Key, policy management, One time pad, Data protection in uncontrolled environments, enterprise encryption, Quantum key management

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Company Description

QuintessenceLabs is the leader in quantum-enhanced cybersecurity. This cybersecurity company offers enterprises with the strongest data protection today, preparing them for a quantum-safe tomorrow. Products from QuintessenceLabs combine world-class security expertise with advanced science to create high-value technology, including a quantum-based random number generator, a high-performance, interoperable key and policy manager, and a broad range of strong encryption solutions. They support data in use, in motion or at rest, and for systems on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid infrastructure.

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