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Company Strapline: Simplifying cybersecurity with Crystal Eye; the worlds most powerful Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform..

Founded In: 2015
11-50 employees
Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
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Core Competencies

Penetration testing, Unified Threat Management Solutions, Systems Auditing, Vulnerability Scanning, Virtual CISO, Threat intelligence monitoring, Forensic Analysis, Managed security, Digital forensics, Security incident event management, Data loss prevention, Embedded SIEM solutions, Instant SOC

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Company Description

There’s a simple concept at Red Piranha, and it is to have an all-inclusive threat protection solution that works. Recruiting a team of experts from all corners of the world – from Academics to Engineers and Ethical hackers – they worked tirelessly to develop what they think, is the most comprehensive and effective security product on the market. In 2015 they incorporated the threat intelligence platform ‘’ into their ‘Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management’ system a custom suite of software solutions that can be implemented on Red Piranha hardware. Products are made to order, guaranteeing top-tier technology and strict quality control, shipping with the latest technology, firmware and hardware providing maximise uptime following installation. The result is a complex ecosystem of threat management tools that provide total protection – from prevention and detection to advanced threat intelligence. Crystal Eye is an all-encompassing, complete solution on a single platform. Instead of managing numerous devices supplied by different vendors, Crystal Eye allows you to consolidate and manage everything on one platform, with one set of policies and logs to adjust. This Cybersecurity company’s philosophy is clear, end-to-end protection for your enterprise that meets ever-changing compliance regulations – at a price, your business can afford. They’re committed to offering superior security solutions and services, so businesses, irrespective of size or sector can have peace of mind knowing their information is under ironclad protection. Because when your most valuable assets are digital, quick fixes shouldn’t be the status quo – and shrouding them in a fog of confusion shouldn’t be either. In March 2020, Red Piranha achieved ISO 27001 certification, only enhancing their capabilities and offering to clients, now delivering compliant technology, services, and security solutions to the highest international standards.

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