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Company Strapline: The Leading Third-Party Application Security Solution for Websites.

Founded In: 2016
11-50 employees
Menachem Begin St 11, MindspaceDaniel Sharabi, Ramat Gan, Israel

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Third party application security for websites

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Company Description

Reflectiz helps companies to unleash the power of their web 3rd-party Applications and keeps online businesses safe by mitigating security and privacy risks resulting from next-generation third-party threats on your website, without adding a single line of code. Reflectiz is the first Website-Sandbox and covers third-party blindness by performing a continuous non-intrusive behavioral analysis to resolve security and privacy blind spots and ensures your website remains fully protected against third-party threats. Integrated third parties are integral parts of any website today. But from a practical cyber-security standpoint, they remain a blind spot. On the one hand, application security tools are focused on website protection and are aimed at creating security processes for the organization. On the other hand, third-party risk solutions only score vendors and rate the risk level while engaging a vendor and thereafter. The bottom line is a significant security blind-spot. Reflectiz connects the dots, enabling fundamental vendor application security controls for your website. Our unique solution allows both vital business activities as well as essential security controls. This all comes with the easiest kickstart, with no production changes and no installation demands.

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