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Company Strapline: Data science focused on cyber and enterprise risk profiling that knows when users are not behaving like themselves.

Founded In: 2015
2-10 employees
Melbourne, Victoria 3000, AU, Australia

Core Competencies

Internet Security, Activity Analytics, Risk Analytics, Risk Profiling, Breach Detection, Endpoint Risk, Endpoint Activity

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Company Description

ResponSight brings a new way of looking at enterprise risk and your tech effectiveness, without needing to collect anything private or sensitive. You might have invested in all the right tech, but how comfortable are you that your risks are visible and quantifiable, whenever you want to know? As a board member or C-level stakeholder, wouldn’t you like to know if tactical and strategic cyber decisions are effective? That your efforts are actually moving the dial and improving your risk state? While most actual security tech tries to secure the endpoint and stop breaches, the poorly understood reality is that security and risk are volatile not all risk is equal across the organisation. Executives and board members don’t care that antivirus is installed on 99.97% of the fleet; they want to know how “risky”​ it is overall, and that can only be measured through activity and behaviour, at the “coalface”​. ResponSight is an enterprise risk profiling approach designed to address these challenges. They capture behavioural metrics (ie the way users and applications use a machine/endpoint) to identify baseline activity profiles people use their hardware in a very consistent (almost predictable) way over time. By setting a behaviour/activity baseline, it becomes possible to identify when behaviour/activity changes, which can be an indicator of compromise/breach, unauthorized activity or simple misuse. And they deliver results without collecting any private/sensitive information. Other technologies capture details such as usernames, websites visited, or filenames and sources that are not necessary to determine risk, so they don’t collect them.

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