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Company Strapline: Threat Detection & Network Stability For OT & IoT.

Founded In: 2014
11-50 employees
Rhebo GmbH Halle 6, 2. OG Spinnereistr. 7 04179 Leipzig
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Industrial Automation Continuity, Industrial Control System Security, SCADA Security, Network Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Industrial Network Continuity, KRITIS, IIoT, ISMS, SCADA, Anomaly Detection, Anomalieerkennung, Industrie40, Automotive, Digitalization, Industrial Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure, ISMS

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Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors and ensures the continuous, correct, and predictable operation of real-time Industrial Control Systems to prevent outages and reduce downtimes. Data traffic in control networks is recorded and analyzed to automatically detect and report any anomalies. Rhebo Industrial Protector ensures operational continuity in production environments and critical infrastructures and protects from security breaches and cyberattacks from inside or outside. Operators of Industrial Control Systems benefit from Rhebo’s solution by enormous cost savings due to the reduction of system outages. Rhebo is the only provider of vendor-independent threat detection and network monitoring systems for industrial automated networks. Rhebo protects OT & IoT networks and devices against cyberattacks and technical error states, increases plant availability, and supports the implementation of security regulations and standards.

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