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Company Strapline: Enhancing Trust + Security in your Supply Chain.

Founded In: 2018
2-10 employees
4-5 Adam Street, Adam House, London, London WC2N 6AA, United Kingdom
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The following Supply Chain Issues: Data protection, Security governance, IT operations, HR security, Application Security, Network, cloud security, Physical security, Business resilience, Supply chain management, Procurement risk, Financial crime

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Risk Ledger gives organizations all the tools they need to run a comprehensive, cybersecurity-led, third-party risk management (TPRM) programme against their entire supply chain at speed and at scale while making it simple, free and fast for third parties to engage with the process and improve their risk management maturity. Our unique network model allows every organization to both run a TPRM programme and respond to client risk assessments, facilitating a network of trust relationships between organisations. Users benefit from: – Continuous monitoring of risk controls implemented by suppliers – Visibility beyond 3rd parties to 4th, 5th, and 6th parties – Procurement cycles reduced by up to 90% – Increased supplier engagement

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