RNT Professional Services

Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: Veterans Defending the Digital Universe.

Founded In: 2012
330 West Gray Street, Suite 315, Norman, Oklahoma 73069

Core Competencies

Cybersecurity Audits and Assessments; Certification Training, Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Company Description

RNT Professional Services, LLC has over 25 years of expertise in cybersecurity and data privacy.

The business, which is based in Norman, Oklahoma, has historic roots in the Sooner State yet serves clients all around the world.

With an industry-agnostic approach, expertise encompasses cybersecurity audits and assessments. Critical infrastructure protection and organizational security compliance are areas where Team RNT excels. Our cybersecurity experts are qualified in all areas of cybersecurity and have a global reputation for assisting businesses of all sizes.

RNT Pros have a distinct approach to cybersecurity. Over 70% of the RNT team is made up of veterans, which means they’ve left the battlefield with heightened situational awareness. They’ll use this acute awareness to improve your company’s productivity and security by combating malware, safeguarding data, and maintaining cyber hygiene.

RNT Professional Services specializes in infrastructure, compliance, and cybersecurity strategy evaluations for enterprises of all sizes. Separate from solution installations, we provide businesses System Assessments and Health Checks. RNT’s solution-agnostic approach enables technicians to adjust their methods to your organization’s strategic and tactical demands. They make certain that their solutions comply with industry best practices for compliance.

RNT Professional Services, LLC facilitates the creation and maintenance of a safe knowledge and information environment, secured by the greatest human and technology competence available and fostering enhanced information security awareness. RNT Professional Services hires and teaches veterans to continue their defensive efforts in the areas of cybersecurity and data privacy, ensuring that individuals and companies may function safely in an increasingly connected world.

They also organize cybersecurity events.