Rohde & Schwarz

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Company Strapline: Make Ideas Real.

Founded In: 1933
10,001+ employees
München, Bayern
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Test, measurement, Broadcasting, studio technology, Secure communications, Monitoring, Network Testing, Production, Sales, service, Cybersecurity

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Smartphones, televisions, aircraft, cars, millions of people all over the world use them day in, day out –, but only those in the know are aware that they wouldn’t work without them and their technologies. This Cybersecurity company’s measuring instruments are essential for wireless communications around the world, for the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry. Hundreds of TV transmitter stations and numerous air traffic control centers use their hardware. Digital mobile communications could only take off after Rohde & Schwarz, on behalf of the GSM consortium, developed the first network simulator to test mobile phones. In other words, modern life would be inconceivable without Rohde & Schwarz. This Cybersecurity company’s inventions and innovations have opened up new avenues for technological advancement and assisted to bring comfort and convenience to people’s everyday lives. Naturally, they plan to remain a key player in developing leading-edge technology in the future. And to do so, they need the brightest minds they can find. Rohde & Schwarz is home to in-depth engineering know-how and highly innovative and committed employees. they’re recognized as a world market leader in wireless communications. Plus, they develop future-oriented products for many growth markets such as mobile phone technology, radiocommunications, and digital television. This cybersecurity company does business in over 70 nations worldwide, and they value individuals who share their main objective: To be the best!

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