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Founded In: 2010 (estimate)
11-50 employees

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Cybersecurity Services

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It is often said that employees are the weakest link in Cyber Security. At Security Quotient, They believe the opposite. They are firm in their belief that employees are the strongest link in Cyber Security. The first step towards that goal is effective cybersecurity learning. Not just any type of learning. Rather, learning that makes an employee cybersecurity Competent. To make humans the strongest link in Cyber Security, cybersecurity Managers must think beyond – Security Awareness. They must expand their focus to cybersecurity Competence. Competence is a combination of Awareness and Behavior. An employee becomes cybersecurity Competent when they are cybersecurity Aware and demonstrate positive cybersecurity behavior when confronted with possible risk. To build cybersecurity competence, Security Quotient engineers amazing cybersecurity training modules using the power of 3D simulations and multimedia. These training experiences are designed to engage the employees and develop competence. Over the years They have built digital training experiences for clients across the globe and industry verticals. At Security Quotient, They believe that employees make the difference. They come to work every day to enable organizations to build a cybersecurity competent workforce.

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