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Company Strapline: Preventing Magecart and Formjacking Attacks.

Founded In: 2014
11-50 employees
12th Amal st, Rosh Ha'Ayin, IL | 77 Ha'Energia Street, Beer Sheva, 84894, Israel
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Enhance Your Site, Securely, Java Script Security, Business Enablement, Reduced Website Latency, Website Security, Marketing Enablement, Supply Chain Security, Third Party Security

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Every commercial website includes dozens of integrated 3rd party vendors that assist it grow and maximize its business potential. Unfortunately, these 3rd parties introduce a client-side website vulnerability that leaves websites exposed. Source Defense uses a first-of-its-kind, real-time sandbox isolation technology to provide a pioneering client-side website security solution focused on preventing malicious activity originating from website supply chain vendors.

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