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Company Strapline: The leader in account takeover prevention..

Founded In: 2016
51-200 employees
2130 Congress Ave S, Austin, Texas 78704, United States
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Corporate Credential, Domain Monitoring, Account Takeover Prevention, Breach Discovery, Customer Account Fraud Prevention

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SpyCloud is the leader in account takeover (ATO) prevention, protecting billions of consumer and employee accounts either directly or through product integrations. This Cybersecurity company’s award-winning solutions proactively defeat fraud attempts and disrupt the criminals’​ ability to profit from stolen information. Who uses SpyCloud? The world’s largest businesses and consumer brands – including half of the Fortune 10 – whose employee, consumer & supplier accounts need protection at scale, Mid-sized companies that need to reduce risk without increasing staff, Financial institutions, which are 300x more likely to be hit by cyberattacks than other companies, Leading tech firms whose executives and developers make attractive targets for cybercriminals, Retailers and eCommerce companies who need proactive fraud prevention, Telecommunications / MNOs that must thwart ATO and SIM swap attacks against high-value subscribers, Federal government agencies responsible for protecting citizens’ sensitive PII their solutions are backed by the most comprehensive and actionable repository of recovered stolen credentials and PII, with over 100B assets. That same breach database powers fraud investigations for enterprises and law enforcement agencies, enabling investigators to more efficiently de-anonymize malicious actors attempting to harm businesses and their customers. Through technology partnerships, they power many popular deep web monitoring and identity theft protection offerings.

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