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Company Strapline: Building secure, scalable collaboration solutions for the most security conscious organisations. Visit

Founded In: 2008
11-50 employees
PO Box 1136, Guildford, Surrey GU1 9ND, GB

Core Competencies

Secure information sharing, Collaboration, Real-time, Cybersecurity technology, Open source, Secure collaboration environments

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Company Description

Surevine builds secure, scalable collaboration solutions for the most security-conscious organizations; joining people up and enabling collaboration on their most sensitive information. This Cybersecurity company’s systems are accredited to handle the most sensitive information, whilst still delivering an intuitive and engaging user experience that actively promotes participation; building smart, secure networks of connected people. This Cybersecurity company’s own smart research and development and customer sponsored R&D into collaboration technology delivers constant innovation, building products born out of genuine user needs. Threatvine, the first of their launched products, is a cyber-security information sharing platform designed for secure cross-organizational collaboration and collaborative intelligence analysis. Described by the Financial Times at launch as a “secure Facebook for cyber threats”, Threatvine is used by the UK to power CiSP, the UK’s national platform for cybersecurity information sharing.

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