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Sysmosoft SA is a Swiss company, focusing on providing highly secured telecommunication solutions for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad and Android, for companies requiring protected access to sensitive data remotely. With the spread of mobile technologies, firms involved with confidential information are not always controlling how their workforce access classified data outside the confines of the company. Sysmosoft’s solution, Sense, was created to fill this requirement by providing a secure and discreet solution for employees and clients who wish to access highly confidential data using their mobile device of choice.


Company Mission ("Tagline"): Digitize transaction based banking processes with Let's Sign.

Industry Classification: Computer (Cybersecurity) Software

Cybersecurity Specializations: Security, Mobility, Electronic Signature, eIDAS, and ZerTES

Address/Location: Rue de Galilée 6, Yverdon-Les-Bains, Vaud 1400, CH, United States
This oganization might be multinational; we list their HQ.

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Year of Incorporation: 2010

Main Website: Sysmosoft

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