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Company Strapline: Providing up to date Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security News, Trends, Insights, Analysis & Cyber Security News #Nucleus.

Founded In: 1989
51-200 employees
Blandford, Dorset

Core Competencies

Government Infrastructure, Telecom, Cybersecurity network monitoring, network visibility, telecommunications

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Company Description

Telesoft Technologies is a proven and trusted global provider of government infrastructure, cybersecurity and telecoms mobile products and services. This cybersecurity company works with integrators and Service Providers to develop, manufacture and support systems that generate revenue, keep critical infrastructure operational and important data safe on legacy high density TDM, optical SONET/SDH and latest technology multi 100Gbps networks. This tech company provide cutting edge technology for; Law enforcement and national security, Telecommunication service providers for legacy networks in North America, Value Added Service (VAS) Infrastructure in India and MEA and for integrators of service platforms, cybersecurity platforms for incident response and infrastructure protection

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