TrapX Security

Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: The World Leader in Cyber Deception Technology.

Founded In: 2012
51-200 employees

Core Competencies

Adaptive Defense, Cloud Security, Malware, Deception Technology, Zero-Day Attacks, Network Security, Emulations, Advanced Persistent Threats, Deception in Depth, Adaptive Architecture, Lateral Movement, Detection, Advanced Breach Detection, Breach Detection

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Company Description

TrapX Security is the world leader in cyber deception technology. TrapX offers an automated security grid for adaptive deception and defense that intercepts real-time threats while providing the actionable intelligence to block attackers. The TrapX DeceptionGrid, allows Global 2000 enterprises to detect, capture, and analyze Zero Day malware in use by the world’s most effective Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) organizations. Industries depend on TrapX to strengthen their IT ecosystems and reduce the risk of costly and disruptive compromises, data breaches and compliance violations. TrapX captures Zero Day malware in its virtualized sensor network of honeypots and next-generation malware traps before the malware can inflict significant damage to customers’ data centers or cloud deployments. In contrast with perimeter security solutions, TrapX defenses are embedded at the heart of the network and mission critical infrastructure, without the need for agents or configuration. Cutting-edge malware detection, threat intelligence, forensics analysis, and remediation in a single platform assist remove complexity and cost. TrapX gives cloud providers and security teams an asymmetric advantage versus modern advanced threats, and enables them to understand and remediate problems in real time before they become headline news.

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