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Founded In: 2013
11-50 employees

Core Competencies

Copy Protection, Data Encryption, Trusted Computing, Digital Rights Management, Anti reverse Engineering, IP Protection, Cloud Security, Software Security, Code Security, Software Anti Tampering, Manipulation

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Company Description

TrulyProtect’s patented technology implements modern hardware virtualization technology, state-of-the-art Cryptography and follows the Security by Design paradigm recommended by NIST. Software reverse-engineering, theft or modification becomes impossible. This Cybersecurity company’s Tools integrate with the developers’ software executable files, while staying transparent to the user and not interfering with the “normal” operation of the software. Customer segments they serve include Computer Software (PC, Mac), Server/Cloud, Embedded Systems (including Military applications), PC Games/Entertainment Software, Mobile devices, Vehicles/Auto (in vehicle systems) + V2V, V2I, IoT/IoE (including medical devices, SCADA, Utilities, Production systems), and many more.

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