Vital Statistics


Founded In: 1999
51-200 employees

Core Competencies

Digital Identities, Digital Brand Protection, Mobile Security, Data Protection, WISfans, WISeID Personal Cloud, WISePhone, WISeAuthentic, SSL Certificates

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Company Description

WISeKey is a leading information security and identity management company, and offers specialized security technologies for data protection, and effective identification and authentication of people and objects, over physical infrastructures, networks and the Internet to ensure secure communications and e-transactions, without compromising trust. This Cybersecurity company’s mission, as a fully-autonomous and independent organization, is for WISeKey to create protected and trusted digital identities for individuals, groups, organizations and communities around the globe. To facilitate and enable the mass-use of secure digital identities in everyday life. Their vision is to see the internet moving towards specialized, customized, “branded” platforms. In the near future, they see brand ecosystems becoming digital platforms, like Facebook and Google, in their own right. WISeKey is in a pioneering position to assist iconic global luxury goods, sports teams and even charitable & community organizations create these branded platforms. WISeKey can enable global brands to manage their content and distribute it in unique, specialized ways to their loyal advocates. This Cybersecurity company’s DNA Based in digital security technology, they strive to deliver a 360 degree service based on an individual’s needs. “WISeKey” which stands for “World Internet Security”, the e being a mnemonic symbol for electronic and “Key” representing the root-based Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”). Since its inception, WISeKey has enabled public and private organizations to identify individuals and assets and engage in safe, secure and confidential electronic communications and transactions. Early on, WISeKey took a special interest in contributing to e-Government solutions and Internet Security initiatives.

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