Vital Statistics


Company Strapline: redefining the economics of innovation across Clouds and to the Edge..

Founded In: 2010 (estimate)
2-10 employees
ZeroTouchDigital, Richmond, Virginia 23220, United States

Core Competencies

IoT, IoE, Microservices, APIs, Platform Economy, P2P Networks, Architecture, Big Data, Big Behavior, Auditable Ledgers, Decentralized, Distributed Transactions, Virtualization, AI, Edge Computing, Cross-stack Innovation, Cryto-entangled Ledgers

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Company Description

It is hard and expensive for programmers to find and use data+code across asynchronous, ad-hoc environments. This Cybersecurity company’s programmable platform makes it easy to find, connect and use compute+data from anywhere from the Cloud to to the Edge. Meet OMNIA, an autonomous compute+data fabric platform that accelerates digital transformation. Within seconds, OMNIA does the work needed to find and virtually wire together any data+code into micro-programmes for programmers. IT teams and their partners use OMNIA to quickly leverage the capabilities present in the compute+data fabric. By making distributed data+compute instantly available, with zero integration or duplication efforts, OMNIA reduces time, expense, and risks while accelerating innovation.

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