UK Cybersecurity Conferences in 2020

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Annual PCI London Summit

 January 23rd, 2020   Free Event

If you work with PII then this PCI Conference in the UK will float your boat. This is a must-have skill and necessity within ecommerce hence why we’ve pinned it to our homepage.

Securing the Law Firm Summit, Special Session

 January 23rd, 2020  Recommended Event Free Event

Cybersecurity Legal Conferences are relatively rare so we jumped all of this one to pin it to our homepage and certainly one we’d recommend. There are dozens of examples of Law Firms being hacked, not least the Panama Papers hack which whilst not strictly a “Law Firm” it has close associations within that space.

Data and the Future of Financial Services

 January 22nd, 2020  Recommended Event

This event is aimed at FinSec Professionals in London. If you work in the FinSec or Blockchain Industry, then this event would be ideal.

SANS Threat Hunting London Summit & Training 2020

 January 13th, 2020 - January 18th, 2020 Recommended Event

Out of all the Infosec training events in London, this is one we’d recommend. The guys and gals over at SANS have been a contributor to our directory since the early days and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback regarding their training courses.