Available Jobs During The Pandemic

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Yes, some companies are still hiring.

I’m sharing all the resources I come across which lists available positions right now.

Sure, some of them are very general, for example, Amazon is hiring like crazy, but I’m obviously also trying to list out some InfoSec/Skilled tech roles as well since the overwhelming majority of our community work in IT Security.

Cybersecurity Roles Are Deemed As Being Essential

My understanding is that many Cybersecurity Jobs are regarded as being “essential”.

The main reason for this, of course, is because security professionals, essentially, keep the lights on. Take for example cybersecurity personnel in health care who are unable to work offsite; cyber engineers and risk management pros in the energy and utility fields; and IT workers responding to critical infrastructure cyber incidents.

“Technical” Positions

I’ll update this list as soon as I see other resources and opportunities stream in. If you’d like to contribute please send us a message here.

General Positions

The roles listed here are slightly more “general” but again – all these organizations seem to be hiring.

Good luck with your job searches and stay safe during this difficult time.

I’d like to also draw your attention to a Slack Channel called CoronaHub which contained many of the links listed above.