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We publish and maintain a very large Cybersecurity Conference Directory and within that, there are dozens of events within InfoSec niches.

This event, which is all about Cybersecurity and the concept of ‘Fake News’, caught our eye because of its’ contemporary appeal. ‘Fake News’ has been in the news pretty much non-stop and it is absolutely associated with Computer Crime (just think about the ‘Hacked’ US Election and the relentless Donald Trump/ Vladimir Putin debacle).

We encourage you to get involved in this event – not least because it is FREE, but be sure to sign up ASAP!

The event took place in Birmingham, UK (RBS, 2 St Philips Place, Birmingham, B3 2RB), and it will be held on the 15th June 2017.

What was it that prompted ilicomm to come up with the concept for a Cybersecurity Conference titled: Fake News?

ilicomm Security Services are fortunate to be headed up by Keith Hayes, an anomaly within the SME landscape.

Keith has worked as an end user within Information Security for a career spanning over 30 years and helped implement many of the systems and controls used by IBM, Siemens, Boots, Dixons Carphone and many others. Keith is evangelical about his industry but is also concerned about the number of unverifiable statistics and misinformation which is being used to create a climate of fear and hysteria.

You mention that at the end of the event “you’ll be able to identify the real cyber news that matters to your organisation” Can you elaborate a little on that? Perhaps provide us with a teaser?

ilicomm see SME PLC as a key battleground in creating a robust and secure working landscape.

Due to the number of messages and noise, many SME businesses are misguided in their understanding and application of security services. This applies to GDPR, the new data protection legislation which will affect all businesses, but is still an unknown quantity to many. Information Security has always been about risk awareness and appetite and the cost of prevention must make commercial sense. ilicomm will enable our guests to make an informed opinion on what steps they need to take and what really matters to their organisation.

What other events do you have planned for this year and into 2018?

June 15th will mark the first time we have collaborated with a (UK) national banking group and the Cyber Crime Police department.

It is our hope that these relationships will continue to grow and lead to more shared events of this nature. We align ourselves with commercial partners whom we will look to work with to hold future events sharing thought leadership and best practises. To this extent, we have provisionally arranged seminars in both the Midlands and London, to be conducted within both 2017 and 2018.

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