Cybersecurity Event Syndication 101

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Guest Posts vs Syndicated Content

The best place to start is to outline the difference between a guest post, and a piece of syndicated content.

When we guest post, we typically write an article with the aim of getting it published on someone else’s website.

Bottom line, it ONLY gets published on 1 site.

But when we syndicate content, we use an article that has already been published, and allow third-party websites to either (re)publish it, or, point to it, so that we can leverage that sites traffic.
Benefits For Your Cybersecurity Event Promotion

Content syndication should be part of your marketing strategy because it generates additional exposure (traffic) to YOUR event.

And as we know, more exposure means more leads. And more leads means more sales.

BUT, there is one caveat: you should ONLY syndicate your content to platforms that have an audience that matches the delegate profile you’d like to attract to your conference.

Learn how to reach the right delegate profile here: Cybersecurity Media Blaster


Gaining as much exposure for your cybersecurity event is a priority.

And content syndication is one of the strategies that generate the best results.

However, success almost always starts with a well-written article, so before you get going, start figuring out what makes your event special and who should be charged with creating your copy.

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