The global economy relies heavily on healthcare and cybersecurity. Malicious actors are always attempting to acquire sensitive information or disrupt operations in healthcare businesses. To obtain a better understanding of the vulnerabilities to healthcare systems, cybersecurity specialists are increasingly turning to healthcare professionals.

Healthcare-specific conferences, seminars, and events are one way healthcare organizations and cybersecurity specialists are working together to increase their security measures. These gatherings bring together healthcare professionals and cybersecurity specialists to address the difficulties that their respective areas face. These conferences frequently include lectures and roundtable discussions on the most recent computer risk and security trends, with a focus on healthcare apps and other sensitive medical data.

A number of national and international organizations are committed to providing a venue for healthcare organizations and cybersecurity professionals to come together and discuss best practices, in addition to events expressly focused on healthcare cybersecurity. One such organization is the National Health ISAC, or Information Sharing and Analysis Center. They routinely conduct events such as the annual Healthcare Cybersecurity Exchange, to which officials from healthcare organizations and cybersecurity firms are invited to address a variety of health and cybersecurity-related topics.

Healthcare workers are increasingly participating in worldwide cybersecurity conferences and activities. For example, the International Conference on Medical Informatics, Cyber Security, and E-Health is an annual gathering of healthcare and cybersecurity professionals from across the world. The event will include lectures, workshops, and conversations about the best approaches for protecting healthcare data and systems.

The Healthcare Security and Privacy Summit is another key event organized by the IITC. This program focuses on the legal aspects of healthcare data privacy and allows guests to learn about the rules and governance challenges surrounding healthcare cybersecurity.

Finally, both healthcare businesses and cybersecurity specialists are using hackathons to collaborate and solve problems. These events bring together healthcare practitioners and cybersecurity specialists to tackle a specific healthcare-related topic, such as electronic health record security.

Finally, healthcare organizations and cybersecurity professionals are banding together in growing numbers to address cyber security challenges throughout the healthcare sector. Healthcare practitioners and cybersecurity experts alike can get essential insight into the threats posed by hostile actors and the best strategies for protecting patient data and systems by attending conferences, events, and seminars.