Cybersecurity Conferences in Germany, 2024 – 2025

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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

EMPFOHLEN | Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit | September 23 - 25, 2024

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Deutschland ist ein aufstrebender Akteur im Bereich Cybersicherheit. Es ist der fünftgrößte Markt für Cybersicherheitsprodukte und -dienstleistungen in Europa und wächst weiter. Wie viele andere Länder auf der ganzen Welt ist Deutschland ein wichtiges Ziel für Cyberangriffe.

Um der wachsenden Bedrohung durch Cyberkriminalität entgegenzuwirken, investiert Deutschland aktiv in die Stärkung seiner Cybersicherheitsmaßnahmen. Um sich vor Cyber-Bedrohungen gut zu schützen, hat die Bundesregierung massiv in Technik und Personal investiert. Dazu gehört die Umsetzung der deutschen Cyber-Sicherheitsstrategie, die sicherstellen soll, dass Cybersicherheitsrisiken angemessen begegnet wird.

Um ihre Bemühungen zum Schutz vor Cyber-Bedrohungen weiter zu unterstützen, fördert die Bundesregierung die Vernetzung ihrer Mitglieder in der IT-Sicherheits-Community durch die Organisation mehrerer Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen zum Thema Cyber-Sicherheit. Die jährlich in Frankfurt stattfindende Cyber Security Conference ist eine der führenden Konferenzen für Cybersecurity-Experten in Deutschland. Es bietet den Teilnehmern eine Plattform zum Netzwerken, zur Erkundung der neuesten Trends in der Cybersicherheit und zur Zusammenarbeit bei der Entwicklung neuer Strategien zur Stärkung der Cyberabwehr.

Neben der Cyber Security Conference wurden weitere Veranstaltungen wie der IT Security Summit und das International Cyber Security Forum organisiert, um Cyber-Sicherheitsexperten aus aller Welt nach Deutschland zu bringen. Diese Veranstaltungen ermöglichen den Teilnehmern einen Einblick in die neuesten Entwicklungen der Cybersicherheit in Deutschland und darüber hinaus.

Darüber hinaus ist die Bundesregierung eine Partnerschaft mit der Initiative „Cybersicherheit für Europa“ eingegangen, um ein sichereres digitales Umfeld in ganz Europa zu fördern und die Zusammenarbeit in Fragen der Cybersicherheit zu verstärken. Im Rahmen dieser Maßnahme führt das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) jährlich Veranstaltungen durch, um das Bewusstsein für Cyberbedrohungen zu schärfen und Best Practices zur Erhöhung der Cybersicherheit zu vermitteln.

Deutschland hat große Fortschritte bei der Stärkung seiner Cybersicherheitsmaßnahmen gemacht. Durch die Unterstützung von Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen mit Schwerpunkt auf der Cybersicherheitsbranche können Fachleute aus der ganzen Welt zusammenkommen und gemeinsam an der Entwicklung neuer Strategien und Best Practices im Kampf gegen Cyberkriminalität arbeiten.

Default Event Imagee-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress: Germany 2024

Datum: 30/01/2024
Standort: Frankfurt, Deutschland

The e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress Germany offers insights into security and resilience for professionals. Attendees will learn from case studies and technical sessions from top brands. Discover how other professionals are tackling cybersecurity issues, how to use regulations to build risk-based strategies, improve supplier visibility, and enhance cloud security. The conference also covers the impact of EU directives on cybersecurity risk and investment.

Default Event ImageDACHSEC 2024

Datum: 09/04/2024
Standort: Frankfurt, Deutschland

DACHsec Cyber Summit is back for its 7th edition in April 2024 as part of the DACH Cyber Series. This conference focuses on the DACH region's important role in European cybersecurity, with a history of combining new digital technologies with strong security and data protection. With a shortage of cybersecurity specialists, rising geopolitical tensions, and new technologies shaking up industry norms, there is a growing need for improved cyber hygiene and risk management. Attendees from various industries will gather in Frankfurt to discuss and share best practices for greater resilience. All sessions will be in English.

Default Event ImageDevOpsDays: Berlin 2024

Datum: 07/05/2024
Standort: Berlin, Deutschland

DevOpsDays conferences are known for fostering collaboration and communication between developers and operations teams. However, in the digital age, cybersecurity plays a crucial role in this collaboration. As a result, DevOpsDays has incorporated cybersecurity into its conferences, workshops, and meetups, recognizing its importance in the DevOps equation.

Default Event ImageSAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum 2024

Datum: 31/01/2024
Standort: Hamburg, Deutschland

The SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum is a highly anticipated cybersecurity conference that will take place on February 22, 2024 at the Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. The event is organized by non-profit organization SAFETY4SEA and is expected to attract around 200 delegates from 100 organizations in the shipping industry. Attendees can expect to learn about topics such as safety regulations, human resources management, risk management, and environmental issues. The conference will also address important issues such as cyber security and e-navigation. Thanks to generous sponsors, attendance to this conference is free for all delegates. Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights and best practices beyond compliance at this must-attend event.

Default Event ImageMLCon Munich

Datum: 25/06/2024
Standort: Munich, Deutschland

MLCon Munich 2024: A Must-Attend Conference for Machine Learning and AI Enthusiasts! From June 25-28, immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge technology as experts and enthusiasts gather to explore the latest trends, algorithms, and applications in ML and AI. Experience four days of valuable insights, best practices, and real-world case studies from industry leaders to advance your knowledge and expertise. Connect with the ML community and discover innovative tools and solutions at the exhibition area. Whether a seasoned practitioner or beginner, MLCon Munich 2024 offers networking opportunities and the chance to stay at the forefront of ML and AI.

Default Event ImageNULLCON Berlin 2024

Datum: 14/03/2024
Standort: Berlin, Deutschland

Nullcon Berlin 2024 provided a dynamic and engaging forum for cybersecurity professionals, government officials, and industry experts to learn vital information from cutting-edge research given by specialists from across the world. The conference featured educational talks on offensive and defensive strategies, as well as emerging vulnerabilities in the area. Attendees may also put their abilities to the test in a variety of games and workshops, with enticing prizes up for grabs in the flagship Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. Nullcon was a must-attend event for anybody working in the cybersecurity business, thanks to its new venue and fresh attitude.

Default Event ImageAirport Operations, Safety and Security Conference 2024

Datum: 15/02/2024
Standort: Munich, Deutschland

The cybersecurity conference promises to be a helpful and interesting event for industry experts. Attendees will get the opportunity to network with professionals from a variety of industries, including airports and security agencies, and discover best practices for complying with new security laws. The conference will address crucial themes such as security technologies, intelligence, and criminal activity, all of which provide distinct challenges to airport operations. Participants will also get the opportunity to meet decision-makers, hold face-to-face meetings, and learn about new business solutions. This conference is a must-attend for professionals in the airport operating, safety, and security industries, with numerous networking opportunities and access to event materials.

Default Event ImageTROOPERS24

Datum: 24/06/2024
Standort: Heidelberg, Deutschland

On Monday and Tuesday, the TROOPERS cybersecurity conference will provide a variety of high-quality training and hands-on seminars. On Wednesday and Thursday, the conference will comprise three tracks of discussions on contemporary IT-security challenges. Attendees have the opportunity to network and develop ties with other practitioners and speakers. The registration cost covers meals and refreshments, including a shared dinner on Wednesday. TROOPERS also promises to be a fun occasion.

Default Event ImageWhitehall Media: Identity Management (IDM DACH) 2024

Datum: 07/03/2024
Standort: Frankfurt, Deutschland

The Identity Management DACH 2024 conference is a must-attend for IAM executives, decision-makers, and influencers. Identity management is becoming increasingly important as firms communicate with their consumers, business partners, and third parties. The conference will cover essential subjects such as alternative authentication techniques and social logins, as well as how DACH states can improve their digital security and resilience. Attendees will learn about rules, guidelines, and business strategies for improving your IAM infrastructure, which is increasingly the key access point to corporate resources and a critical aspect of cybersecurity. Don't pass up this opportunity to keep ahead in the fast changing field of identity management.