Cybersecurity Conferences in Saudi Arabia, 2024 – 2045

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Cybersecurity, computer security, and information security are critical concepts that companies, governments, and individuals must consider, particularly in Saudi Arabia. The cyber-world is rapidly evolving as companies look for ways to protect their data and clients’ data from cyberattacks.

Saudi Arabia, being one of the most advanced areas in the world, has stringent requirements when it comes to data protection and cyber security. The government of Saudi Arabia is constantly encouraging organizations in the public and private sectors to regularly review their IT security policies and take all necessary actions to ensure their digital assets remain protected and secure.

One of the most crucial areas of development in cybersecurity and IT security in Saudi Arabia is in protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure from threats. The government has recently implemented a massive program aimed at defending the country’s infrastructure from malicious actors. This program includes the implementation of next-generation technology in major data platforms, such as the aviation infrastructure, as well as deploying advanced encryption technologies for data storage and retrieval.

Moreover, the government of Saudi Arabia has also invested significantly in hosting conferences that focus on cybersecurity and IT security. Notable conferences include the Arabian Cyber Security Summit, The Saudi Cyber Security Marketing Conference, and the Mosaic Forum for Cyber Security. These events are aimed at educating both stakeholders and individuals about the importance of cybersecurity and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Additionally, these conferences also provide an opportunity for business representatives and professionals to meet and exchange ideas.

Finally, Saudi Arabia is also a host of various hackathons and other cybersecurity-related events. These events serve to nurture the expertise and capabilities of the nation’s cybersecurity experts while providing the opportunity for businesses and professionals from different fields to also gain more knowledge regarding issues relating to cybersecurity.

G[P]RC Summit Riyadh 2024

Datum: 24/01/2024
Standort: Riyadh, Saudi-Arabien

The Middle Eastern cybersecurity conference highlighted the growing threat of IoT malware assaults, which are estimated to have increased fourfold year on year. Cybercriminals are primarily targeting legacy weaknesses in the manufacturing, oil and gas, power grid, and maritime industries. The importance of Secured Managed Services and AI in the future of cyber security was emphasized, but it was also noted that cybersecurity requires a collaborative effort from all individuals inside a company. CISOs and heads of OT and ICS security from Saudi Arabia and the GCC region will meet in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, on February 26-27, 2024, to address problems and potential in OT and IoT cyber security for critical infrastructure and vital industries.

OTSEC Summit 2024

Datum: 26/02/2024
Standort: Dammam, Saudi-Arabien

The OTSEC Saudi, a leading OT and ICS Cyber Security Conference for 2024, will take place on February 26th at the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It attempts to combat the increase in IoT malware attacks and the targeting of legacy vulnerabilities in the Middle East, which primarily affect manufacturing, oil and gas, power grids, and maritime industries. The event will bring together CISOs, Heads of OT, and ICS Security from Saudi Arabia to discuss the problems and opportunities in OT and IoT cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and key sectors.

Pulse Conferences: CISO 360 Risk Vision Riyadh 2024

Datum: 07/02/2024
Standort: Riyadh, Saudi-Arabien

The cybersecurity conference provided an excellent chance for CISOs to meet and discuss the issues of managing risk in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Attendees had the opportunity to network, benchmark themselves against their peers, and share expertise in an exclusive private fine-dining setting. Collaboration and cooperation were underlined as critical strategies for staying ahead of bad actors and reducing vulnerabilities. CISOs were urged to actively participate in the discussion, which included issues such as communicating risk to the board, assessing risk reduction, handling incidents, balancing security hygiene with innovation, and forecasting the future of risk reduction. Overall, the conference presented useful insights and practical techniques for cybersecurity professionals, emphasizing the significance of a unified platform and risk-based strategy for efficiently managing and reducing risk.