Messe Frankfurt Security Conference

Our Resource Dedicated To Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is a European event organizer with successful subsidiaries in over 40 countries and a presence on six continents. These events range from trade exhibits and consumer fairs to conferences, seminars, and congresses, as well as shows for the automobile, construction, energy, and fashion industries, as well as recreational activities.

The ISH Frankfurt show, held every two years, is one of the largest events hosted by Messe Frankfurt. It is the world’s biggest trade expo for bathroom design, energy solutions, air conditioning technology, renewable energy, and other related industries. Over 2,450 exhibitors from all over the world attend. Many famous speakers, like technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, architect Stefan Behling, and journalist Barbara Köhler, have presented their creative initiatives and ideas at ISH.

Messe Frankfurt also hosts seminars and conferences, such as the ‘Insurance & Risk Management Summit,’ which brings together insurance professionals and specialists from a variety of backgrounds and themes, including legal, finance, risk management, technology, and more. This gives a forum for learning about new trends and issues while networking with other experts.

Another notable event is the ‘MICE Industry Forum,’ which aims to bring together industry executives, decision-makers, and professionals from the travel and events industries to foster business partnerships, debate challenges, and provide insights into the newest trends. In the past, notable speakers have included Pierre Gervois of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Marco Nierlich of Messe Berlin.

The group also hosts events on sustainability and the battle against climate change, such as ‘The Future of Hotels’ and ‘Sustainable Event Management Conference’. ‘The Future of Hotels’ is a two-day event aimed at exploring ecological and creative hotel solutions. It emphasizes environmental awareness, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Chris Van Zyl, sustainability expert of INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP, and Junaida Waheed, Project Director at the World Tourism Council, have previously spoken.

Overall, Messe Frankfurt conducts a wide range of events and conferences for a wide range of consumers and industries. These are intended to be both motivating and instructive, as well as a fantastic place for industry experts to network and learn about the current trends.