OWASP Security Conference

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OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is a free and open community dedicated to enhancing software application security and delivering cost-effective and practical security education, training, and research. Since its inception in 2001, OWASP has expanded to include chapters in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Annual conferences, seminars, and workshops are held by OWASP. These events are designed to educate web application developers and security professionals about web application security. OWASP invites speakers from the security community to present their issues and share their research and experiences at these events.

The OWASP Global AppSec Conference is one of the most well-known and long-running events hosted by OWASP. This yearly conference has been held since 2004 and includes issues ranging from secure coding to user privacy. Speakers from around the world attend this conference to present their results and illustrate how to best secure web applications against unwanted attacks.

OWASP recently presented an event on the OWASP Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT). This three-day conference included subjects such as safe network protocols, encryption, authentication, and secure cloud storage. This event emphasized the problems, threats, and solutions for IoT security.

OWASP also sponsors chapter meetings around the world in addition to these conferences, events, and seminars. Local chapters host a variety of events focusing on various aspects of application security. The OWASP Munich Chapter, for example, holds a regular meeting dedicated to secure development.

OWASP has previously held special events such as the OWASP AppSec Europe Hackers Night. This event offers a networking opportunity for security professionals, developers, and researchers to connect, mingle, and share information.

Finally, OWASP conducts webinars and podcasts to assist individuals in learning more about application security topics. OWASP webinars frequently feature notable and well-known security experts who share their knowledge and expertise.

Overall, OWASP hosts web and application security conferences, events, seminars, and webinars regularly. Those interested in learning more should visit the OWASP website to stay up to date on forthcoming events and webinars.