Reuters Events Security Conference

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Reuters Events is a professional event organization dedicated to providing interesting and interactive online and in-person events that foster debate and inspire new ideas that take industries forward. Their portfolio includes over thirty conferences, seminars, and events on a variety of topics held across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

The AI & Big Data Conference in Singapore on November 23-24, 2020 is one of their forthcoming events. This will be an online event that will look into the possibilities and implications of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and sentiment analysis. Simmons Tan, Director of Singtel Innov8, and Emily Tan, VP of Technology at NUS Enterprise, are among the keynote speakers.

Reuters Events will also hold its Smart Industry & Automation Conference in Beijing on December 15-16, 2020. This virtual event is designed for those who want to learn more about digital transformation, artificial intelligence, data-driven decision-making, predictive analytics, and other topics. Executives from Alibaba, China Telecom, and other industry professionals will speak.

The Euro Cyber Security Conference, which will take place in London on January 21-22, 2021, is also part of the Reuters Events portfolio. This virtual event will look at the problems and opportunities that come with developing a good cybersecurity strategy and applying security in today’s tech-first environment. Keynote speakers include ISACA President Mark Kedgley and FireEye Chief Security Officer Billfather Tyers.

Finally, on April 19-21, 2021, Reuters Events will host the World Retail Congress 2021 in Dubai. This will be the main yearly event for people interested in learning about the newest retail tactics, trends, and innovations. Dr. Niels Fokema, COO of The Emirates Group, and Matthieu Leblanc, CEO of Monoprix, are among the confirmed speakers.

Overall, Reuters Events is a professional event organization that organizes both online and in-person conferences, seminars, and events in a range of locations across the world. Their programs cover a wide range of themes, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, retail, and more, so there is something for everyone. Check out their events if you want to stay up to date on the newest trends and techniques in your business.