7 Proven Ideas for Your InfoSec Conference Delegate Acquisition Strategy

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Written by Henry Dalziel

What’s This Post About?

We take a look at ways to help you get your InfoSec Event to stand-out, get noticed and generate registrations.

In Summary

A reward program is one of the best ways we’ve seen to BOTH incentivize sales AND build your own email list of prospects.

In a basic rewards program, you’ll give your customers some benefit or gift in exchange for registering for your event and your event will see the following advantages:

– Increased brand visibility (particularly if your reward becomes part of your marketing message).
– Higher conversion rates (particularly if you require delegates to “opt in to” to receive the reward (i.e. your reward strategy could be part of your database building strategy)

These are 7 of the most effective delegate acquisition strategies we’ve seen:

#1 Free Gifts With Registration

Obviously the bigger, the better! And cybersecurity professionals love their gadgets!

#2 Items Are Practical, But Experiences Are Unforgettable!

Though they’re on the more extravagant side of rewards, we’ve seen event organizers offer free flights and hotel stays when tickets are purchased in advance of a certain date.

#3 Sweepstakes For Big-ticket Items

Similarly, you could hold sweepstakes for other big-ticket items, such as TVs, gaming systems, or mobile devices. The advantage here is that the value of the prize is especially attractive, but because the cost is split among hundreds (or even thousands) of delegates, it won’t affect your overall profitability.

#4 Charitable Contributions

With so many worthy charities out there, you could offer to contribute a percentage of ever registration fee to a charity.

#5 Freebies For Colleagues And Family Members

One alternative means of rewarding delegates is rewarding their colleagues or family members; here, when they make a purchase, you can have them enter an email address of somebody they know, then send those people a free gift or discount. This is an easy way to boost your visibility, and it makes your delegate look great to their loved ones.

#6 Registration Discounts

You could also go a simpler route and simply offer a discount (when tickets are purchased before a specific date). For example, delegates could “opt in” to receive a 25% off discount code.

#7 VIP Status

You could establish a “VIP” program that gives delegates privileged access to speakers and C-level executives. These programs have the effect of making customers feel “elite” and part of the “in” crowd, which will keep them loyal to you indefinitely.
Balancing Costs and Rewards

Obviously, the only downside to offering loyalty rewards is the fact that all your rewards will cost money. If you want to remain profitable, you’ll have to do your research and calculate carefully to determine how much you can spend on each reward level—and how much a customer will need to spend to unlock it. Getting this combination right is key to becoming profitable and successful with your chosen program.

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