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Introducing: InfoSec Event Navigator

We built the industry’s only platform dedicated to finding, sorting, and alerting you to speaking opportunities within every possible niche you can think of in Cybersecurity.

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Acquire new business through traditional and online cybersecurity events. Expand customer relationships and maximise sales productivity. Maximise unique market intelligence and get an advantage on your competition today!

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One speech can reach an enormous and valuable target audience of clients, prospects, employees, media, business partners, and analysts. The audience has chosen to attend the conference and listen to the keynote. We have 100ā€™s of active Call-For-Papers

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Receive instant notification when an event that matches your search profile hits our database. Be the first to apply. Research past presentation titles and research event profile (inc number of attendees and demographic profile)

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Being associated with events and conferences within your niche identifies your company and personal profile as a thought-leader in your field.

Mega InfoSec Event Data-Analysis

Since 2013 we’ve been indexing, categorizing, and sorting Cybersecurity conferences, events and seminars to give you the ability to understand which ones to attend and speak at.

Cybersecurity Niches We Cover

We cover 24 different Cybersecurity Niches with a lot more categories in the pipeline for 2021 and beyond. All our data is checked and verified by humans ensuring total data integrity allowing you to make confident decisions.

IoT (Internet of Things)Covering all IoT Conferences and Events
RiskRisk Events (including 3rd Party Risk)
PrivacyPrivacy (includes all PII, GDPR events)
FinSecThe “security” aspect of FinTech
Cloud SecurityCovering all Cloud Security Conferences
BlockchainCovering Blockchain with security content
TransportIncludes rail, automobile, shipping & aviation
Legal SecurityAll Legal security events are indexed
Artificial Intelligence (AI)All AI security conferences are indexed
SCADA/ICSSMART systems, PLC, Oil & Gas Sector Events
Digital ForensicsAll Digital Forensics conference indexed
Social EngineeringAll Social Engineering events indexed
HealthcareHealthcare events Post-COVID resilience advice
Offensive SecurityEvents aimed at Cybersecurity Practitioners
Machine Learning (ML)All ML conferences containing security covered
CyberwarfareEvery cyberwarfare conference is researched
CybercrimeCybercrime events are all researched and indexed
CryptographyAll Cryptography events researched and indexed
Women In CybersecurityListing underrepresented groups in the community
“Hacker Conference”Indexed events categorized as “non-vendor”
Web Application SecurityEvents aimed at Penetration Testing web apps
US Government EventsAll US Federal Government events
UK Government EventsAll UK Government-level events
C-Level SecurityEvents aimed at CISO, CSO, CRO-levels are indexed

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