Event Navigator

Find Call-For-Papers, generate new sales and expand customer relationships.

What Is Your Sales Goal?

Achieve your sales goals using Event Navigator. A tool built using InfoSec-Conferences.com data to help cybersecurity professionals like you accelerate sales pipeline through events.

Increase Conference Budget ROI

Use 12 advanced search filters to find which events will deliver the best ROI. Identify prospect-rich conferences and match attendees to your priority account list. We assess how organisers are promoting events, the effectiveness of their promotional activities and how many tickets they have sold.

Secure More Speaking Opportunities

One speech can reach an enormous and valuable target audience of clients, prospects, employees, media, business partners and analysts. The audience has chosen to attend the conference and listen to the keynote. We have 100’s of active Call-For-Papers.

Decision Influencing

We have direct contact with event organizers which means you will always be the first to know about an event and its Call-For-Sponsors or Call-For-Papers and have a clear advantage over your competition. Every event that we secure a speaking place for will receive free promotional activities (at no cost to the organizer).

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"I’d absolutely recommend Sales Navigator to any sales organisation. It’s a fantastic tool and it’s transferrable to any sales role... at an investment of $10,000 I estimate Sales Navigator brought in at least $300,000 of new business within its first year."
Paul Weingarth
Head of Field Sales, PayPal Australia