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Ai4 is a leading AI Event-Conference Organizer.

The folks at Ai4 make huge efforts to gather business leaders from a wide range of industries as well as pioneers from government organizations, disruptive startups, investors, research labs, academia, associations, open-source projects, and just about everywhere else you can think of!

We caught up with Jessica Gallagher and asked her a bunch of questions.

What’s The “Best Thing” About Ai4 Events?
Our FREE webinars include two panels with industry leaders: one of these covers (for example) covers “Defense: AI for Detection and Incident Response” and the other for “Offense: Hackers’ Perspective on AI” so you can get all questions and topics covered.

With a great speaker lineup and informative panel in store, this event is a can’t miss!

How Would You Like To See Ai4 Evolve?
We aim to provide free, quality cybersecurity content to anyway looking to learn more via our webinars. We also host one of North America’s largest AI conferences with a whole track devoted to cybersecurity!

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?
We seek executives and data scientists with an abundance of experience with AI in cybersecurity providing them with a unique perspective to share.

Anything Else You’d Like To Share?
Our webinars cover AI’s intersections with various industries

Ai4 Events in 2022 - 2023

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Ai4 2022 Cybersecurity Summit
United States | New York, New York
April 6, 2022

Ai4 2022
United States | Nevada, Las Vegas
August 16, 2022

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