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With the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a slew of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things are causing havoc. These technology advancements have aided firms in improving product quality, increasing manufacturing efficiency, remaining competitive, improving safety, security, and sustainability, as well as remaining profitable.

Furthermore, technology advancements are affecting how individuals, businesses, and governments work, perhaps leading to a social transition comparable to earlier industrial revolutions. The present rate of breakthroughs is unprecedented in history. The 4th Industrial Revolution is evolving at an exponential rate rather than a linear rate, impacting practically every industry in every country. As a result, dealing with such change need a comprehensive strategy that includes both technology and innovative and sustainable system solutions. The fourth industrial revolution will provide enormous new opportunities on all levels. However, preparing for such a dramatic transformation necessitates bringing together the forces of technology and social innovation under the canopy of sustainability.

Altrusia, based in Mumbai, is a global events company that brings together industry experts and visionaries from various industries, academia, institutions, and governments to discuss, network, and engage in the technological changes brought on by the fourth industrial revolution, as well as the economic, social, and environmental consequences of their use.

Altrusia organizes industry-specific conferences on a variety of themes – including cybersecurity.

Cloud Governance & Security Management Summit 2022

The pandemic has affected every firm, and the rising number of workers working from home utilizing conferencing and collaboration services has hastened the digital transformation process across industries. Organizations have begun transitioning their old IT infrastructure to a more resilient cloud architecture in order to promote remote availability of information and preserve business continuity during future challenging times. Partly as a result of the use of these new digital tools and practices, the corporate world has seen a significant and opportunistic increase in cybercrime vulnerability.

Implementing a solid cloud governance posture should be a vital element of every business’s cloud computing strategy, keeping the aforementioned in mind.

Companies that run services in the cloud follow a set of regulations and standards known as cloud governance. Data breaches, intellectual property theft, brand and reputation harm, financial loss, and non-compliance with standards like PCI and HIPAA are just a few of the dangers that may be avoided with strong cloud governance.

With the rise of the cloud, governance and security management must be customized to meet the needs of various clients. As a result, creating and developing a suite of solutions to maximize Cloud Governance and Security Management is required.

Cloud Governance & Security Management is a one-day networking event that will bring together visionary speakers and leaders from the fields of business, services, innovation, technology, and information technology to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing robust cloud infrastructure across industries.

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Cloud Governance & Security Management Summit 2022
India | Mumbai
June 24, 2022

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